Flyers TV FAQ

BBL Championship 2020/21

What is Flyers TV?

Flyers TV is the official live streaming platform for Bristol Flyers, allowing fans to stay closer to the action than ever before.

What games can I watch?

All Bristol Flyers home games are available to watch worldwide for a game pass price of £4.99

Away game coverage is provided by the host club, and not available on FlyersTV.

Flyers TV games are currently only available to watch LIVE and not on demand.

What devices does Flyers TV work on?

You can watch Flyers TV on desktop, mobile, laptop and tablet devices.

What are the system requirements?

Your device needs to comply with the following minimum system requirements:

– Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks.
– Memory: 2GB (1GB for netbooks) 128MB of graphics memory.
– Operating Systems: Windows 8.1 or later, Mac 9+
– Browsers: latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari *Internet Explorer and Opera are not supported for Live Video
– 512MB of RAM (1GB of RAM recommended for netbooks)
– Mobiles & Tablets Operating Systems: Android 6+, iOS 9+ *some OS may still not be supported by manufacturer.

What are the internet connection requirements?

You will require a WIFI or broadband internet connection (DSL/cable or higher) with a minimum download speed of at least 1.2mbps with latency not exceed-ing 100ms for SD and 4mbps with latency not exceeding 50ms for HD (mobile data may not be supported). For users travelling abroad, please use a Wi-Fi network or broadband connec-tion to purchase and view the pass, to avoid extra charges and maintain full compatibility (this allows the country you are in to be recognised as a selected territory).

I’m having issues with my video feed. What can I do?

During the game, please report your technical issues to, who can investigate whether there is a problem with the broadcast. If there are no issues at the broadcast end, we will need to complete troubleshooting steps, these may involve confirming details about the device, software and your internet connection.

*Please note, that it is your responsibility to ensure you are using compatible technology ahead of purchasing a live subscription.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds can only be issued for those who have reported a technical issue during the game and it proves to be a fault of our providers and cannot be rectified. Please note, that if you do not watch a stream through choice, or don’t report a technical issue to customer service during the game, we will not be able to issue a refund.

My feed keeps buffering, what’s wrong?

Is your connection fast enough? Try to stop all current downloads, videos you are watching and visit

Test your download speed. Results should show a minimum of at least 2Mbps to process streamed content along with usual browsing activities efficiently

I’m receiving a “media not found” message.

The live video player will only be live during a game. If the game has tipped off and you are receiving this message, please contact

I’ve forgotten my username/password.

If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password then please click on the relevant links on the login page. If you have any further queries, please contact supporter services on

None of these cover your query?

Please e-mail:

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